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Robert Scriba

I am a wanderer, exploring the land, experiencing wildlife, scribe for the mute.

Sherwood Park, Alberta is my home and start point to diverse wildlife, landscapes and wilderness adventure photography. It is easy to drive for half-day tours of nearby parks or farmland. Within a couple hours I can be out of sight and sound of human hustle to the rejuvenating peace of forest wildlands. If further vistas are wanted, I can fly off to the world from nearby EIA.

To fuel my photographic passion, my trusty old Nikon D300s with wide angle and 80-400mm lenses is always with me in case of great light or willing wildlife. My pen and notebook are also handy. I hope to show off and discuss the beauty and wonder of our land as well as the threats to our landscape through dangerous mismanagement.

As humans, we have the responsibility to protect the wildlife, nature and environment. I ask: “Do we have the right to extirpate wildlife for our personal or corporate profits?”

Not everyone has the ability to get out into the back country to see what is happening beyond most people’s line-of-sight or paved highway but affects the health of our land and therefore, ourselves. The land, the trees, the birds and the critters are unable to readily communicate with us, so with photographs and stories, I try to help.

Let’s go explore…

The Wild Salmon Odyssey

by Robert Scriba
$21.95 (CAD)

“This powerful ecological story is an eye-opener for all ages. The Wild Salmon Odyssey will ensnare you in its glorious depiction of the wilderness, and the creatures that battle for survival as they heed nature’s plan.”



Robert Scriba

_DSC6327After raising his family on an acreage in Northern Alberta, Bob and wife Fay moved to Vancouver Island for 5 1/2 years. He took the Coastal Adventure Tourism course at North Island College which taught him varied courses from wilderness first aid, navigation on water or land, weather, sailing, boating, interpretation skills, group management, food safe and many others designed to keep guests safe, fed and entertained. For 5 seasons Bob enjoyed working at Knight Inlet Lodge as a wilderness guide to guests from around the world. Our common bond was the wildlife, from grizzly bears to birds and whales along with boat tours up spectacular coastal fjords, scenic islets and small settlements with their colourful people living there. He enjoyed working with guests to get fantastic photographic memories, add to their bird species lists and of course spending time with the beautiful grizzly bears who live and earn their living along the west coast. Bob and Fay moved back to Alberta to be closer to their family and new grand children.

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